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Waterfowl population at the private 33-acre Whelan Lake Bird Sanctuary (“WLBS”) on the Pacific Flyway located near the city of Oceanside, California was reported to have increased more than six folds in less than a year following the deployment of bottom deployed lineal aeration system and AquaMats array designed by NCI International, LLC.   From the days of years past when the lake was heavily fouled with blue green algae, odors, and sparely used by wild waterfowl, the lake today is a vibrant, healthy aquatic habitat teaming with numerous nesting and transient waterfowl as it was transformed into a healthy, food rich aquatic reserve capable of supporting a diverse wild bird population.


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Whelan Lake Bird Sanctuary November 2008

Dec 25, 2008—Recovery of Waterfowl Population at  Whelan Lake Bird Sanctuary, Oceanside, California Far Exceeded Expectations.