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NCI International, LLC

We are proud to develop in collaboration with Aqualine Wastestream Technologies, Inc., USA, and Muddy River Technologies Inc., Canada a unique set of process technologies, products and equipment for virtually hand-off, quick reaction, “on-the-fly” treatment for a broad range of industrial hazardous waste streams to meet the most stringent discharge limits requirements.  The technologies, and associated equipment comprise of, not exclusively:

· Liquid ozone oxidation products

· Broad-range and metal specific precipitant products

· One-step dry reactant Sodium Bentonite ReactivateTM Encapsulation (SBRE) clay products

· Robust continuous treatment and self indexing solid separation machine, Induced Cyclonic Separator/Micro Air Solids Separator, and CleanFlo Dry Reactant Batch Treatment Machine

Our industrial waste stream treatment processes are typically single step, phased treatment which may include, as required by specific wastewater characters,  persistent organo-metallic oxidation with ozone, precipitation of soluble hazardous metals with one-step metal precipitant products, contaminant isolation and non-leaching encapsulation with dry reactant ReactivateTM clay, and followed with solids-water separation via simple index or bag filtration or micro-air solids separation equipment.  The processes may take from 15 minutes for an oxidation and reduction treatment, to just under a few minutes for contaminant encapsulation and separation with the dry reactant clay.  Today, industrial waste stream treatment products, processes, and systems that we developed can be found in service with a number of satisfied clients in the US and Mexico. 

One-step sodium bentonite ReactivateTM treatment of spent chrome and selenium plating wastewater (Left - raw wastewater, Right - clear treated water with contaminants completely encapsulated and separated.

Industrial and Hazardous Waste Stream Management