Photos courtesy and permission of:

·       AquaMats - Meridian Aquatic Technology LLC, USA.

·       Constructed Wetland layout - AquaScape Design Inc., USA.

·       Baima, China canal recovery - Air Diffusion Systems, USA

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NCI International, LLC

APST is a three-legged integrated ecological system approach for high throughput, stable, single discharge limits for efficient, cost effective treatment of nutrient loaded wastestreams, polluted canals, lakes and bodies of water.

AquaMats® Process System Technology

Aerated-facultative lagoon based, high throughput, integrated microbial-zoological approach for the treatment and polishing of municipal, industrial, and agricultural (dairy, cattle, pig farms, etc.) wastewater.  The approach involves the systemic integration of complementary biological components for in-situ digestion of wastes, nutrients as well as sludge deposit, elimination of odors, and fully restoring high Dissolved Oxygen (DO) level and water health.

    Engineered surface biofiltration film AquaMats to provide hold fast surfaces for high density development of waste digestion microbial-zoological communities.

 ●   Controlled release, fine bubble bottom aeration system for high, uniform dissolved oxygen (DO) distribution throughout the entire water column, hydraulic settling of suspended solids, and gentle, high turn volume turn over rate.

·      Bio-augmentation with natural waste digestion microbes only as needed under transitory or surge load conditions.

Under special circumstances, where aesthetic, public health and public recreation considerations are required, the AquaMats Process System Technology can easily be combined, modified, or integrated with Constructed Wetland project(s) for complete water polishing capability, persistent toxins removal, and restoration of natural aquatic habitats, even in the middle of cities.

Wastewater Treatment and Habitat Recovery