“Where nature comes first”

NCI International, LLC

NCI International provides a full range of project services, development, technical support, technology transfer, and systems sales, installation and services for municipal level wastewater treatment, industrial hazardous solids and aqueous wastes remediation, ecologically sustainable, intensive aquaculture, and aquatic habitat recovery projects.

Services and Technologies

Text Box: From facility level engineering to wastewater processing system and specific equipment design, NCI International  can provide comprehensive solutions and technology integration to address specific project requirements.

Project  Management and Technical Support

Text Box: Together with its US and international technology partners, NCI International can deploy specialized project teams to help clients execute effective large and small wastewater treatment projects, develop highly efficient industrial processing zone wastewater facilities, and execute ecological recovery of blighted canal, river, and lake habitats.

Wastewater Treatment and Habitat Recovery

Text Box: In partnership with Aqualine Wastestream Technologies, USA, NCI International has developed a complete set of technologies  for the treatment, neutralization, isolation and non-leaching encapsulation of industrial hazardous wastes and wastewater of industries such as leather finishing, textile  dyeing, washing, metal finishing, plating, machining, and ink and paint production.

Industrial and Hazardous Waste Stream Management

NCI International is actively helping to develop ecologically responsible intensive shrimp farm projects in Vietnam and Southeast Asia with AquaMats/PDP microbial floc based technology that eliminates traditional polluted water discharge to the environment.  The company also seeks development partners for licensing, technology transfer of the McNeil  Submerged Shelving Super-Intensive Shrimp Silo System.- S6TM.

Zero-Discharge, Intensive Shrimp Aquaculture