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Whelan Lake Bird Sanctuary Water Treatment

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA:  NCI International announced today it has been selected by the Board of Whelan Lake Bird Sanctuary, Oceanside, California to develop solutions and provide equipment for solving poor water quality and odor problems at the lake.  The project is to begin in early January 2008.

Whelan Lake Whelan Lake is a sanctuary for migratory and aquatic birds on the North America Flyway in southern California.  The lake covers approximately 73 acres with a depth between 8-12 ft.  The lake is currently a non-discharge water body which receives an average daily flow of 280,000 gallons of secondary and tertiary wastewater from the nearby municipal wastewater treatment plant.    The lake has been plagued with severe blue green algae blooms, high ammonia nitrogen and sulfite counts, and worsening odor releases.  Steadily declining bird counts over the past few years were ascribed to  the severely degraded aquatic ecosystem.  The improvement of the health of the lake would provide for higher sustained population of native fish and aquatic animals as ready food source, clear water, reduced odors, and a more aesthetic bird viewing habitat.


Phase I of the project will comprise of a fine bubble, controlled release, bottom aeration system to maintain high uniform dissolved oxygen level together with quiescent mixing of the water column in the lake’s main body.  The gentle mixing of the water column by curtains  of millions of rising fine bubbles will help eliminating anoxic layers and enhance settling of suspended solids and algae onto the lake bottom where they can be trapped and digested in place.  Key system equipment includes an array of integrally ballasted lineal ADS® diffuser tubing (Air Diffusion System of Gurnee, Illinois) laid out in a grid of approximately 300 ft x 500 ft, and a set of sound suppressed, low energy, twin blower cabinets (EP Aeration of San Luis Obispo, California).   


Phase II of the project will  involve the deployment of an array of Bottom Deployed AquaMats® Biofiltration Film (Meridian Aquatic Technology, LLC of Calverton, Maryland) and bioaugmentation with natural waste digesting microbes (BactaPur®, IET Aqua Research, Canada) to provide for high capacity in-situ microbial biofiltration of nitrogenous nutrients in the water.  Phase II is expected to be completed in late Spring, 2008.


Date: December 20, 2007