AquaMats® is a registered US and worldwide  patent of Meridian Aquatic Technologies, LLC, USA

ADS® is a registered trademark of Air Diffusion System - A John Hinde Company, USA

ReactivateTM is a registered trademark of Aqualine Wastestream Technologies, Inc., USA

WCSTM is a registered trademark of Waste Conversion Systems, USA


The company’s founding partners are active U.S. professionals with extensive experience in technology applications, system integration, process design, manufacturing, facility engineering, and project management, each with an average of 23-25 years in their respective fields.  Together with a highly capable local staff, associates and strategic partnerships with U.S. and international technology leaders in waste, wastewater and sustainable intensive aquaculture, we offer technology solutions and seek project opportunities in the following fields:

·      Municipal, commercial wastewater treatment - AquaMats®/ADS® Processes

●    Industrial, hazardous waste and wastewater treatment, neutralization and disposal - ReactivateTM One Step Encapsulation

   Aquatic environment clean up, recovery, and rehabilitation

· Municipal and industrial solid waste conversion—WCSTM

    Ecologically sustainable, zero-discharge, intensive shrimp aquaculture

“Where nature comes first”

NCI International, LLC

About Us

NCI International is a limited liability company of Las Vegas, Nevada, with a focus on technology development, integration and transfer for effective, ecologically oriented waste water treatment, solid waste management, and zero-discharge, high intensive aquaculture.  The company’s core businesses are engineering and technical services, systems and equipment sales, and developing infrastructures/aquaculture projects with a focus in Southeast Asia.