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San Dieguito Reservoir, Rancho Santa Fe, California, is a municipal water supply lake servicing the city of Rancho Santa Fe, Santa Fe Irrigation District, California.  The reservoir covers over 35 acres (14 hectares) with a bottom depth varying from 10 to 30 feet (3-9 m).  It holds an average water volume of 170 million gallons (640,000 m3), with a maximum storage capacity of over 287 million gallons (1.09 million m3).  The reservoir supplies approximately 20 million gallons per day (76,000 m3/day) to the city’s R.E. Badger Filtration plant. 


In the years past, the reservoir had been plagued with an anoxic thermocline  in the deep zones,  high elevated levels of manganese and metal ions, nutrient run-offs and regularly experienced poor water taste, blue-green algae blooms, objectionable odors, and large fish kills during hot summer months.   These problems were effectively solved with a fine bubble, lake aeration package the company designed and supplied in 2007.


Under the current contract, NCI International, LLC will design and supply a package of bottom deployed AquaMats® biofiltration curtains for installation out of view, onto the bottom of the reservoir.  The patented AquaMats® are engineered to provide vast hold-fast microbial surfaces  with specific properties needed by waste digesting microbes and algae to develop and stay in exponential growth phase while consuming nutrient wastes from the water.  In addition, the AquaMats® are constructed with fronds which resemble natural sea grass or kelp beds.  These will help provide additional shelters and grazing surfaces for many primitive and intermediate aquatic life forms to restore the aquatic food chain in the reservoir.  The AquaMats® are projected to be delivered and installed by December 2008.


For more information:  BDF AquaMats for SDR

Once deployed, BDF AquaMats®  will provide for high throughput in-situ biofiltration and polishing of the reservoir water while simultaneously act as artificial underwater shelters and living habitats  to diverse aquatic organisms, fish, and animals.

Photo courtesy:  Meridian Aquatic Technology, LLC

Oct 20, 2008—NCI International, LLC Received Contract Award to Design and Supply AquaMats® Package for San Dieguito Reservoir, Rancho Santa Fe, California.

Date: 10/20/2008