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NCI International Launched Pilot Zero Discharge AquaMats Process System Technology for Intensive Shrimp Grow Out Farm in Vietnam

KIEN LUONG, KIEN GIANG PROVINCE, VIETNAM:  NCI International announced the completion of design and installation of an AquaMats Process System Technology equipment package at Trung Son Farm, Kien Giang Province, Vietnam, for its first full-scale technology demonstration project in the country.  The one-hectare pilot project employs the AquaMats Process for Aquaculture to enable in-situ biofiltration without discharge under heavy shrimp biomass load.

The pilot project is to demonstrate system equipment technology and provide the basis for upgrading the farm as well as Vietnam shrimp industry from traditional paddle wheel aeration and water exchange to close loop, stable and high intensive operations.  The scopes of the project are:


1.      In-situ biofiltration capability of AquaMats/PDP technology to control nutrients and metabolic wastes.

2.      Maintaining uniform dissolved oxygen (DO) level through the water column 24/7 to meet oxygen demands of the shrimp biomass and associated microbial floc in the pond.

3.      Reducing FCR between 0.2-0.3.  Targeted FCR:  1.2.

4.      Survivability >80%.

5.      Production yield target:  10.8 tons or better (P. Monodon sp.).


  PDP/AquaMats® is a pond based probiotics system designed to provide the ideal combination of dissolved oxygen, surface area for high rates of biological treatment and internal circulation of water.   The PDP/AquaMats® system has the basic objective of providing a high quality water environment for intensive production of shrimp.  The ability of the system to provide for a balance of these characteristics is critical to intensive production of shrimp at rates that today routinely reach up to 20/tons/hectare/cycle (L. Vannamei sp.) at modern high intensive farms.  


The pressure differential piping (“PDP”) part of the system provides the dissolved oxygen delivery and effective circulation using diffusion tubing that rest at the bottom of the production ponds in linear arrays that look much like the 10

SDF AquaMats for Aquaculture with bottom deployed EPDM diffuser tubing—Mfr:  Meridian Aquatic Technology, LLC

Date: 12/17/2007